Common Sports Injuries 

 At Dynamic Performance Physical Therapy, we treat all sports injuries for patients of all ages and abilities. Whether it is your first injury, or you’ve had a recent surgery, we will be there to support you and get you back to doing what you love most! Our patients report being able to get back to their sport stronger and faster than before their injury. The average amount of sessions for returning to the desired level of sports is about 4-6 sessions!

Sports Injuries/Aches and Pains we fix but plenty more! If you are wondering about your aches and pains, contact us for a free consultation!

  • Spine pain including SacroIlliac Dysfunction
  • Rib pain and Dysfunction
  • Shoulder pain
    • including Rotator Cuff Strains,Instability, Labral tears, Bicipital Tendonitis, Bankart and SLAP Lesions
  • Muscle Strains
    • Lower back,Hamstring/Quad/Calf
  • Hip Pain
    • Labral Lesions, FAI, Instability, Tendinopathy
  • Knee Pain
    • ACL/ MCL/PCL Sprains, Patella Tendinopathy, Meniscus tears, Osteoarthritis, Patellofemoral Dysfunction, Plica Syndrome
  • Ankle
    • Sprains and Instability, Achilles and other tendinopathies

Primary Sports I Treat

Soccer, Football, and all Field Athletes, Gymnasts, Dancers, Hockey and Figure Skaters, cheerleading, Power Lifters, Weightlifters, Olympic Lifters

How We Work…

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