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West Hartford’s premiere physical therapy practice for athletes.

Sports Injury


“if it doesn’t challenge you, it won’t change you”

Dynamic Performance Physical Therapy

Welcome to Dynamic Performance PT!

My mission is to help people get back to the life they want to live as it relates to injuries. I help athletes get back to their sport better than what they were before. I use manual therapy skills, sports science and an evidence based approach to care. I believe that most injuries have a source that is neglected. I focus on not only the body part that hurts, but the whole person to help reduce the likelihood of re-injury.

Dynamic Performance Physical Therapy was created as a direct result of insurance companies cutting patient benefits when they were not ready for their given sport or everyday activities. As a result, I established this company to help patients get back to what they love without the restraints of insurance companies. We are a one-on-one  cash-based Physical Therapy practice focused on caring for our patients guided by the patient!